Sunday, August 16, 2009

Help Shape My Session on Gen Y

Tomorrow I'm speaking at 3:15 on Managing and Leading the Next Generation of Workers and if you're planning to attend, let's start the conversation now.

What stereotypes do you want to discuss/break? Whether you're a manager or a millennial - let me know what you'd like to discuss, hoping to learn from the session, etc. I have some stuff already, but I hate just speaking to the crowd (though I'll do it.) I'd prefer interaction and what better way to leverage some of this year's opportunities to engage Annual attendees than this.

So comment, tweet #asae09 lw1, @youfoundbob or email me at with your questions, the stereotypes you'd like to discuss and/or what you hope to get from the session. It's your session - I'm just along for the ride ;)

Comments received by 10:30pm tonight will definitely be reviewed, after that - well that's for Toronto to decide ;)

Thanks for reading and maybe I'll see you at the presentation.